Glistening ocean necklace

The ocean is just a project away! Use a variety of crystals to create a delicate necklace that will evoke the glimmer of the ocean.


necklace 18 in. (46 cm)

  • 1 9 x 15 mm drop (Preciosa, crystal lagoon)
  • bicone crystals (Preciosa)
    • 4 8 mm, color A (indicolite)
    • 2 8 mm, color B (Capri blue)
    • 2 8 mm, color C (crystal lagoon)
    • 4 6 mm, color A (indicolite)
    • 4 6 mm, color B (Capri blue)
    • 6 4 mm, color B (Capri blue)
    • 10 4 mm, color C (crystal lagoon)
  • 1 g 11/0 cylinder bead (Miyuki DB0026, metallic steel iris)
  • lobster claw clasp (silver)
  • 2 clamshell bead tips (silver)
  • 6 mm split ring (silver)
  • bead cord with attached needle, no. 6 (.70 mm) (Griffin Nylon Power, grey)
  • glue (beading or craft)
  • beading awl
  • chainnose pliers
  • roundnose pliers



First bead tip

1. On the end of the cord without the needle, tie an overhand knot. With the needle, pick up the clamshell bead tip, and slide it to the end so that the knot rests in the bead tip.

2. Dot the knot with glue, and trim the tail. Using chainnose pliers, close the bead tip around the knot.

Adding crystals

1. Tie an overhand knot after the bead tip. Pick up an 11/0 cylinder bead, a color B 4 mm bicone crystal, and an 11/0, and slide them down to the knot.

2. Tie a loose overhand knot near the beads, insert the beading awl into the knot, and slide the knot down to the last 11/0. Remove the awl while snugging the knot to the 11/0.

3. Measure 3⁄4 in. (1.9 cm) from the last knot, and tie another overhand knot. Pick up an 11/0, a color A 6 mm bicone crystal, and an 11/0. Knot as in step 2.

4. Add bead groups as follows, leaving 1⁄2 in. (1.3 cm) of bare cord between the groups, and knotting before and after each group:

• 11/0, B 6 mm, 11/0
• 11/0, A 6 mm, 11/0
• 11/0, C 4 mm, B 8 mm, C 4 mm, 11/0
• 11/0, C 4 mm, A 8 mm, C 4 mm, 11/0
• 11/0, B 4 mm, C 8 mm, B 4 mm, 11/0.

5. To make the center of the necklace: 11/0, C 4 mm, B 6 mm, A 8 mm, 9 x 15 mm drop, A 8 mm, B 6 mm, C 4 mm, 11/0.

6. Make the other side of the necklace a mirror image of the first.

Last bead tip and clasp

1. After adding the last B 4 mm set, pick up a bead tip, hinge side first. Tie an overhand knot, and slide it into the bead tip.

2. Dot the knot with glue, and trim the tail. Close the bead tip as before.

3. Slide the lobster claw clasp into the bead tip loop, and close the loop with roundnose pliers.

4. Slide a 6 mm split ring into the other bead tip loop, and close the loop.

Designer's notes: 

  • To adjust the length of your necklace, add to or subtract from the distance between the first three segments on each side.
  • A handy tool to use for knotting is the Easy Knotter, available at 

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