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Chalcedony necklace for October

A stunning substitute for the traditional opal, these nuggets make a fabulous birthstone statement. 

It’s a druzy! Actually, seven of them. Tiny quartz crystals embedded in these greenish-blue, blush, and butterscotch chalcedony druzies give the nuggets an unusual glimmer. The stones are reminiscent of both opals (October’s traditional birthstone) and sea glass. Their weight makes the chain bend at unusual angles, creating a backdrop to showcase the collection.


necklace 15–18 in. (36–46 cm)

  • 8-in. (20 cm) strand 20–40 mm druzy nuggets, top drilled
  • 6 mm crystal
  • 21–27 in. (53–69 cm) 24-gauge wire
  • 47–54 in. (1.2–1.4 m) chain, 3–4 mm links
  • 1 1⁄2-in. (3.8 cm) head pin
  • 2 7–8 mm jump rings
  • 2 4–5 mm jump rings
  • lobster claw clasp
  • 3 in. (7.6 cm) chain for extender, 6 mm links
  • chainnose and roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • Chain Sta Stabilization Solution or foam board with T-pins

Druzy pendants from Bead Palace, Inc.,, or Chain Sta from Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, Check your local bead store for supplies.



Chalcedony necklace for October P01
1. Cut a 3-in. (7.6 cm) piece of wire. String a nugget and make a set of wraps above it. Make the first half of a wrapped loop perpendicular to the nugget. Make seven to nine nugget units.
Chalcedony necklace for October P02
2. Cut an 8–9-in., 9–10-in., 10 1⁄2–12-in., and 12–14-in. (20–23, 23–25, 26.7–30, and 30–36 cm) piece of 3–4 mm-link chain. Open a 7–8 mm jump ring. Attach one end of each chain and close the jump ring. Repeat on the other side.
Chalcedony necklace for October P03
3. Hang the jump rings on each peg of a Chain Sta, or use T-pins to secure the jump rings to a foam board. Position nugget units as desired. Check the drape and adjust the placement of nugget units if necessary. Complete the wraps on each unit.
Chalcedony necklace for October P04
4. Cut two 3–4-in. (7.6–10 cm) pieces of 3–4 mm-link chain. Open the jump ring on each side of the bib section and attach a chain. Check the fit and trim chain if necessary.
To check the drape and fit: First turn the Chain Sta away from you, then remove the bib section and hold it up to your neck. The Chain Sta (or a foam board and T-pins) will also help you rearrange nugget units without tangling the chains.
Chalcedony necklace for October P05
5. On one end, use a 4–5 mm jump ring to attach a lobster claw clasp. Repeat on the other end, substituting a 3-in. (7.6 cm) piece of 6 mm link chain.
Chalcedony necklace for October P06
6. On a head pin, string a crystal. Make the first half of a wrapped loop. Attach the end of the extender chain and complete the wraps.
Chalcedony necklace for October TIP

To make a rectangular bead hang diagonally, make the set of wraps above the nugget’s corner (rather than above the center of the bead).
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