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April birthstone: Diamond-like earrings

Crystals are a girl's best friend

A few tools and four quick steps is all it takes to make these simple earrings. Bend 20-gauge wire into triangles to highlight shapely crystals — a solid stand-in for this month’s pricey birthstone.


  • 2 10–14 mm crystals
  • 4 5–7 mm crystal rondelles
  • 4 3–4 mm spacers
  • 8 in. (20 cm) 20-gauge half-hard wire
  • roundnose pliers
  • diagonal wire cutters
  • metal file or emery board

Check your local bead store for supplies.


April birthstone Diamond like earrings 1
Step 1
Cut a 4-in. (10 cm) piece of wire. Make a plain loop. Trim the loop to make a C-shaped hook.
April birthstone Diamond like earrings 2
Step 2
String: spacer, rondelle, crystal, rondelle, spacer. Holding the C facing away from you, make a 45-degree bend.
April birthstone Diamond like earrings 3
Step 3
Place your roundnose pliers 1 1⁄4 in. (3.2 cm) from the first bend. Pull the wire down to form a triangle.
April birthstone Diamond like earrings 4
Step 4
Hook the wire in the C. Use the tip of your pliers to make a slight bend. Trim the wire and file the ends. Make a second earring.
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