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In full bloom bracelet

Crystals accentuate flowers in a peyote bracelet
in full bloom

I’m passionate about patterns, and peyote stitch is a pattern lover’s dream – it gives you a finished piece that looks intricate, but works up quickly. In this project, crystals connect bands with a repeating floral pattern in a bracelet that’s deceptively simple.


Bracelet 7 in. (18cm)

  • Japanese cylinder beads
    • 6g black, color A
    • 3g dark pink, color B
    • 3g green, color C
    • 1g yellow, color D
    • 1g purple, color E
    • 1g orange, color F
  • 16 6mm bicone crystals
  • 2 4mm bicone crystals
  • Nymo D, conditioned with beeswax, or SoNo
  • beading needles, #12


in full bloom pattern


in full bloom a
Photo a

Toggle bead

1. On a 1-yd. (.9m) length of conditioned thread, position a stop bead 6 in. (15cm) from the end. Pick up ten color A cylinder beads and work in flat, even-count peyote for a total of 12 rows. 

2. Remove the stop bead. Fold the peyote strip in half so the first and last rows are aligned, and zip up the end rows to form a tube (PHOTO A).

3. Sew through a few rows on the tube to stiffen it. Position the thread so it exits the middle of the peyote tube instead of an edge bead.
in full bloom b
Photo b

4. Pick up a 4mm bicone crystal and an A. Sew back through the crystal and the peyote tube (PHOTO B).

5. Repeat step 4. Secure the threads in the peyote tube and trim.

Peyote band

1. Using a 2-yd. (1.8m) length of conditioned thread, start at point a on the pattern and work part 1 in flat, even-count peyote, leaving an 8-in. (20cm) tail.

2. Weave through the beadwork and exit at point b. Continue in flat, even-count peyote and work part 2 of the pattern.

3. Turn the pattern, start a new thread, and work part 3 as you did part 1.

4. Align the last row of part 2 and the first row of part 3 and stitch them together, sewing through the up-beads. 

5. Position your needle so it exits at point c and work part 4 of the pattern. Stitch the last row of part 4 to the first row of part 1.

Attach the clasp

1. Thread a needle on the tail and weave through to the single bead on the end row (point d). Pick up three As, sew through a bead at the center of the toggle bead, and pick up three As. Sew through the center bead on the end of the band to attach the toggle with a loop of beads. 

2. Retrace the thread path a few more times, secure the thread, and trim.

3. Secure a thread at the other end of the band and exit the single bead on the end row. Pick up 24 As. Sew through the center end bead in the same direction. Adjust the number of beads in 
the loop as necessary so it fits over the toggle bar. Reinforce the beads with a few more passes, secure the thread, and trim. 

Crystal accents

1. Start a new thread, secure it in the band, and exit the bead at point e. 

2. Pick up an A, a 6mm crystal, and an A. Sew through the bead at point f.

3. Weave through the band and exit at point g. Pick up an A, a 6mm crystal, and an A. Sew through the bead at point h.

4. Continue adding crystal embellishments along the center of the band as indicated by arrows on the pattern.

5. Secure the thread and trim.

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