Favorite tips for traveling and beading

Do you have a special strategy for traveling with your beadwork? A tool that you've found indispensable?
When Bead& Button magazine asked the contributors to the August 2017 issue for their thoughts on traveling with their beadwork, we got quite a wide range of answers!

Check out these tips from the experts in the beading community and share your favorite tip in the comments below!
camera bag

When traveling by train, I get inspired by passing landscapes. I also imagine what jewelry other travelers might wear, and then test the ideas when I return home. 
Magdalena Dec

When traveling and beading, I usually put my supplies in a padded camera bag with the main compartment divided by movable padding so my beads, tools, and stringing materials arrive safe and sound.
Debora Hodoyer

I don’t usually travel with my chain mail. However, I do have a need to keep my hands busy, so I often carry a knit or crochet project with me. As a bonus, the change of focus often leads to new chain mail ideas.
Karen Karon 

Pringles and yocrunch

I like to work on free-form pieces when traveling. I mix my beads together in a bead cup, which I set on a linen napkin on my lap to catch spills. For the bead cup, I reuse a YoCrunch yogurt cap for the base and top it with a Pringles can lid.

Patricia Parker



When traveling, I pack an assortment of 3 and 4 mm Swarovski bicones, pearls, and fire-polished beads into small Ziploc bags. I also bring a variety of metallic seed beads along with Fireline, needles, wax, and a small notebook. This is my time to draw, design, and relax.

Regina Payne 


To prevent losing beads when traveling, I string them all onto one thread and work a bead crochet design. Plus, I always carry a notebook to jot down inspiring images, names, and places that I encounter.
Cecil Rodriguez
rotary cutter

I love beading when I am on a flight. Since most airlines don’t allow scissors, I pack a Clover rotary cutter for clipping threads and Fireline. Thread zappers are allowed, so I always keep one in my bead bag. Plus, I find window seats are the best place for beading on planes.
Jayashree Paramesh

I now take only a simple project, or two, that are started and require only a few bead types or colors. Everything fits in my bead kit, which is a plastic pencil box with thread, needles, small scissors, lighter, tweezers, and a few other toys. I used to take almost a kilo of beads, but have found it’s often difficult to bead on planes and in dim hotel rooms. 
Diane Fitzgerald

I almost never take a beading project with me when I travel. Instead, I stop by all the bead shops in the area I am visiting and see all kinds of wonderful items unique to that part of the country!
Cindy Kinerson

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