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New Wrap-It Loom by Rainbow Loom inventor




If you have kids under the age of 14, your floors probably have been covered with rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom. In 2013, the Rainbow Loom was the hottest crafting craze among grade-school kids, and that included my household.  The man behind the craze is now hoping to repeat that success with his latest jewelry-making tool, the Wrap-It Loom.

I got a look at the Wrap-It Loom, and met its creator, at the 2016 Bead&Button Show in Milwaukee, WI.

I had just finished my work shift and was walking through the Marketplace – a sprawling collection of vendor booths – to catch up with my family. When I got to the Rainbow Loom booth, I found my two kids busily working on a wrap bracelet, using the new Wrap-It Loom.

While I waited for them to finish, I started talking to a guy about the project they were engrossed in. As we talked, I realized this wasn’t just some guy, this was THE guy -- Cheong Choon Ng, inventor of the Rainbow Loom. 

Ng told me he had launched his new Wrap-It Loom at a Tokyo hobby show just a few months earlier. He brought 30 cases to the Bead&Button Show, and sold out.

The Wrap-It Loom is aimed at both kids and adults, and it’s different from the Rainbow Loom. It is a tool to weave beaded wrap bracelets by applying constant tension on two strands of suspended cord rather than the traditional Rainbow Loom peg system which is used to weave rubber band creations.

Here Ng demonstrates the new Wrap-It Loom.


There are two Wrap-It Looms – a beginner (on sale now) and a professional version (available in October). As Ng explained, the loom puts constant tension on the cord as crafters weave their bracelets, keeping the bracelets aligned perfectly straight for a more professional look. The company also sells kits that contain a special no-fray thread that stays rigid so there is no need for a needle, making it perfect for kids.

The beginner loom is made from ABS plastic, the same non-toxic plastic used in Legos. Ng says it is specially formulated to be “springy” which is necessary for building blocks or looms.

The Wrap-It Looms will be available at several large retailers in October and at now.

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