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The Bracelet Bender

bracelet bender 1
Step 1
The tool I use to form my bracelet blanks into a cuff shape is a Bracelet Bender. It makes forming a metal blank into a cuff bracelet easy and quick!
bracelet bender 2
Step 2
Hold the Bracelet Bender in your dominant hand. Insert one end of your blank into the narrow channel on the curved end of the Bracelet Bender, with the patterned and sanded side of the blank facing out. Hold the end of the blank firmly in the channel with your thumb.
bracelet bender 3
Step 3
Use your non-dominant hand to form the blank around the curved shape of the Bracelet Bender. This will form approximately half of your blank into a curve. Remove the blank.
bracelet bender 4
Step 4
Turn the blank around, and set the still-straight end of the blank into the channel, and hold it with your thumb, as before. Repeat to curve the other side of the blank around the Bracelet Bender.
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