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Racing stripe bracelet

Featuring shiny glass and metal rings with seed bead accents, this bracelet resembles the center stripes on a classic race car. You’ll zoom through the chain mail with ease. 


Bracelet 8 in. (20.3 cm)

  • 34 glass rings, 3.5 mm inner diameter (ID), 9.5 mm outer diameter (OD)
  • 18-gauge (SWG 1.22 mm) aluminum jump rings 
  • 51 1⁄4 in. (6.4 mm) ID
  • 4 3⁄16 in. (4.8 mm) ID
  • 32 6/0 seed beads
  • 2-strand slide clasp
  • 2 pairs of flatnose pliers
  • Tool Magic for coating tips of pliers (optional) 

Editor’s note: In the how-to photos and instructions, this weave is explained from a right-handed weaver’s point of view.

Racing stripe bracelet a
Step 1
Open all of the jump rings wide enough to accommodate the glass rings. Slide a 3⁄16-in. (medium) ring through a glass ring and a loop of a slide clasp. Close the ring. Repeat with the remaining medium rings and loops of the slide clasp.
Racing stripe bracelet b
Step 2
Arrange the clasp and rings so the “slide” portion of the clasp is horizontal and you have a pair of glass rings both above and below it. Slide a 1⁄4-in. (large) ring through the upper left glass ring. Add a 6/0 seed bead on the left side of the open ring and a glass ring on the right side of the open ring. Close the ring.
Racing stripe bracelet d
Step 3
Working off of each new glass ring, repeat step 2 to make a chain that is the desired bracelet length minus the clasp and clasp rings. Do not attach the open end of the chain to the other end of the clasp yet.
Racing stripe bracelet c
Flip the new glass ring to sit on top of the 6/0 to help close the large ring properly.
Racing stripe bracelet e
Step 4
Working off of the glass ring to the right of the first chain, make a second chain the same length as the first, but this time add the 6/0s to the right side of each large ring, and add the glass rings to the left side.
Racing stripe bracelet f
Step 5
Lay the chains on your work surface so that the left chain is layered underneath the right chain. Slide a large ring down through the first large ring on the right and down through the large ring directly below. Continue up through the medium ring on the left and the medium ring on the right. Close the ring.
Racing stripe bracelet g
Step 6
Repeat step 5, going through the two “eyes” formed by the next four large rings. Continue joining the two chains until you reach the end.
Racing stripe bracelet h
Step 7
Slide a large ring through the last glass   ring at the end of one of the chains and through the corresponding glass ring attached to the clasp. Add a bead on the correct edge, and close the ring. Repeat step 7 with the remaining chain.
Racing stripe bracelet i
Step 8
Use two more large rings to join the “eyes” at the end of the two chains.
All of the large rings joining the two strands are woven the same way as the popular chain mail weave known as European 4-in-1.
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