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Woven zigzag wire bangle

Apply entry-level wirework techniques for a surprisingly sophisticated effect

Many of the wire-weaving styles today, though beautiful, are intricate and complicated to make – not ideal for a beginner to wire weaving. However, not all wire weaving has to be difficult! With these woven bangles, the wire weaving only looks complicated. Whether you’re new to jewelry making and looking for a quick project, or you’re an experienced maker looking to pick up a new skill, these bangles are sure to please.

See step-by-step instructions for making the bangle in the gallery below. For the project PDF, which includes information on ending and beginning wire sections, click here.  


  • Sterling silver wire, round, dead-soft: 
    - 16-gauge (1.3 mm), length according to bangle size
    - 26-gauge (0.4 mm), length according to bangle size


If you want to create a set of bangles with a bit of color to them, feel free to substitute colored craft wire for the weaving wire. Depending on the colors you choose, you can have stackable bangles to match any wardrobe!
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