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Reversible chain mail bracelet

Make this double-sided bracelet while weaving jump rings like a pro

Reversible chain mail bracelet

Begin with a basic European 4-in-1 chain, add half-Persian edging, and connect the edges to create a double-sided bracelet of interlocking chain mail weaves. Select jump rings to match your wardrobe, mood or the season.

Below, you’ll find instructions no how to make the 4-in-1 base for this bracelet. To download the full instructions for the project, you can download the free PDF by clicking here.


It’s important to work with the same surface facing up for the 4-in-1 base and half-Persian edging. To make sure you’re always working on the right side, mark the first 3.9 mm ring with a twist tie: Fold the twist tie in half, guide the fold through the ring, and pull the twist tie ends through the fold to make a lark’s head knot with the folded loop on the top surface of the chain. Then, if you drop the chain, you’ll be able to figure out which surface is the top.


Warm-tone bracelet 7 in. (18 cm)

  • 6 mm inside-diameter (ID) anodized aluminum jump rings, 18-gauge
        62 color A (orange)
        62 color B (red)
        30 color C (gold)
        30 color D (brown)
  • 3.9 mm ID anodized aluminum jump rings, 18-gauge
        4 color C (gold)
        2 color D (brown)
  • 2 3 mm ID anodized aluminum jump rings, 18-gauge (brass)
  • toggle clasp (gold plated)
  • 2 pairs of pliers

Cool-tone bracelet colors:

  • color A (black)
  • color B (blue)
  • color C (silver)
  • color D (gray)



For instructions on how to create the Half-Persian edging, join the edges and add the toggle clasp, download the free project PDF here.

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