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How to make a bracelet blank

To make a bracelet cuff blank, you'll need a strip of metal sheet. Mine is about 7 in. (17.8 cm) long, which makes a standard medium women's cuff blank. The width of your blank is up to you; mine is 1 in. (25.5 mm) wide.
Use a paper template to measure your wrist to determine the exact dimensions for your metal sheet. 

I used 18-gauge (1.0 mm) aluminum sheet for my blank, but you could use other metal sheet, like copper or brass.

Using a jeweler's saw and a 2/0 blade, cut your strip of metal sheet to size. You could also use a bench shear to cut the strip.

Holding the strip against your bench pin, use a medium-cut, flat hand file to smooth the corners and edges of the strip.

Use 400-grit sandpaper to refine the filed edges.


Position the strip on a bracelet mandrel. With a rubber, rawhide, or plastic mallet, strike the strip against the mandrel to shape each end into a gentle curve.

Remove the cuff from the mandrel. Check to see if the ends of the cuff are aligned. If they aren't, use your hands to gently torque the cuff into alignment.

You can use a wooden baseball bat or wooden rolling pin as a substitute for a bracelet mandrel.
Test the fit. Use the mandrel and mallet, or your hands, as necessary to adjust the cuff's opening.
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