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Beaded peyote pendant with resin

Showcase your beadwork in a new way by framing small squares of odd-count peyote in a bezel under resin!


  • 1” x 1” square piece of beadwork in odd-count peyote (24 rows)
  • Size 11/0 cylinder beads in your preferred color palette
  • Size 12 beading needle
  • Fireline (6 lb., smoke-colored)
  • Square bezel (1” x 1” or 25mm)
  • E6000 glue
  • Two-part epoxy resin
  • Plastic cup for mixing resin 
  • Stirring stick (plastic or wood)
  • Straight pin or paperclip
  • Lighter or fireplace match
  • Drinking straw
  • Apron and gloves
  • Paper towels or baby wipes


Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 1
Photo A
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 2
Photo B
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 3
Photo C
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 4
Photo D
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 5
Photo E
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 6
Photo F
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 7
Photo G
Beaded peyote pendant with resin Step 8
Photo H

1. Working in odd-count peyote stitch, make a 1” x 1” piece of beadwork using 11/0 cylinder beads. Use a pattern shown on p. 3, or create your own design using the blank pattern! Check your tension to make sure that your piece will fit snugly inside of a pendant bezel. (PHOTO A) (note: these samples were made with size 10/0 Delicas, so the number of rows is differnt than the patterns below.)

2. Using a very small amount of E6000, glue the beadwork inside the pendant bezel. Let the glue dry for a few hours before adding your resin. (PHOTO B) 

TIP: Resin can be messy, and will not come out of fabric. Be sure to wear an apron or work clothes when mixing and pouring resin. Gloves are also a very good idea. Never clean up a spill without wearing gloves. Some people can be sensitive to the fumes from various resins; if so, eye protection and a mask should also be worn. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated place, as well. 

3. Make a small amount of resin. Any two-part epoxy resin will work, but be sure to read the directions for the brand that you select very carefully, as different brands have different mixing proportions for their individual formulas. These two brands have been tested for this project:

>Pebeo Gedeo Crystal Resin: two parts resin to one part hardener (4cc of part A and 2cc of part B)
>Ice Resin: one part resin to one part hardener (1⁄2 tsp of Part A Resin and 1⁄2 tsp of Part B Hardener)

Some people use syringes to measure precise amounts of resin; some people use marked measuring cups like the kind used for measuring medicines. Either will work. (PHOTO C) 

Pour the two parts of the resin together, following manufacturer’s directions. Stir the resin consistently for at least two minutes with a plastic or wooden stick, continuously scraping down the sides of your cup. Stir slowly to avoid getting too many bubbles in your resin. (PHOTO D) 

4. Cover the cup and let the mixture “rest” for a few minutes to get the consistency of honey. Ice Resin takes about five to ten minutes of rest time; Pebeo Gedeo resin may take longer. Check on your resin from time to time, you want it to be fairly thick but still pourable. Check with the manufacturer of your resin for best information on rest times.  (PHOTO E) 

5. Rest your bezel on the edge of small box or the edge of your worktable so that the bail hangs down and the bezel rests completely flat. Remember that you will not be able to move your project for at least 24 hours, so situate it carefully in a place where it will not get knocked over!

6. Pour your resin into your bezel. Work slowly, adding a small amount at a time, giving the resin time to fill in the spaces and reach the corners. Do not overfill! Just add a drop or two at a time. Some people prefer to use the stirring stick, and very slowly drip the resin onto the beadwork. Either method will work. (PHOTO F) 

TIP: If you overfill your project, STOP and wipe up the resin immediately. Be sure to wear gloves and clean all resin off the sides and bottom of the bezel. Water will not help; just use paper towels or baby wipes and do the best that you can. For a major spill, you may have to remove almost all of the resin a paper towel and start Step 6 over. 

7. Once your bezel is full, check for air bubbles. You will want to remove any bubbles before the resin sets, so try one of these methods:

• Use the flame of a lighter or fireplace match. Pass the open flame (very gently!) over the surface of the resin; the heat will draw bubbles to the surface where they will pop on their own.  (PHOTO G) 
• Use a drinking straw and blow (very gently!) across the surface of the resin. You’ll see the bubbles pop. 
• Pop any bubbles with a pin or paperclip

8. Cover the bezel to protect from dust or pet hair, and let the resin cure for 48 hours. (PHOTO H) You can move your project after 24 hours, but give it plenty of time to fully harden before adding a chain or wearing. 

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