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Essential oil diffuser pendant


Popular crafting trends combine: jewelry and essential oils! I took a hands-on workshop with a group of girlfriends last month at Soul Fire Art Studio in Delafield, WI, and we had a great time creating our own Essential Oil Diffuser Pendants that we could personalize with our own individual scents and designs. 

Make-your-own-pottery studios have been a trend for several years, and essential oils are being embraced by families as a more natural way to care for both themselves and their homes. The oils are used for everything from cleaning to aromatherapy. Even health care facilities such as the Cleveland Clinic provide essential oil aromatherapy to their patients while recovering in the hospital.

Teresa Spencer, owner of the store, taught the class. "I'd seen diffusers on Pinterest and thought it would be a great project for the studio once I updated and added our own touches to it. I belong to an association of art studios and there are a couple of other studios doing similar pendants, too."

During the class, we made pendants out of earthenware and terra cotta clay. Both clays can be glazed and kiln-fired, yet are porous enough to absorb the essential oils. As with most clay projects, we first kneaded the clay, threw it several times to remove air bubbles while flipping and turning it constantly. Then, we rolled out the clay with a rolling pin, like cookie dough. We laid plastic wrap down on top of the clay and cut out shapes using cookie cutters or impressed the clay with silicone molds.

Once the initial pendant shape was made, it could be decorated using rubber stamps, knives or any other tools - the possibilities are endless. Make a mistake? Simply smooth it out with a little water.

When our designs were finished, we glazed the pieces on one side using a low-fire glaze. Only one side of the pendant was glazed, so that the back of the piece remained porous to accept the essential oils after it was fired in the kiln.

Spencer recommended adding the oils to the sides or edges of the pendant, to avoid too much contact with skin or clothes. Direct contact with clothes could possibly leave a stain. Some essential oils are too strong to be diffused and may irritate skin without first using a carrier oil. It is wise to do additional research about the intended use for the oil that you choose for your pendant.

The pendants can only have the oils on them once, so you'll want to choose your scent carefully or make several pendants with a variety of different scents. Lavender might be a good choice if you would like a more calming and relaxing scent. Ylang Ylang lifts moods, while having a calming effect. Lemon or grapefruit provide a quick energy boost. 

Be sure to check out pottery studios, art centers, or makerspaces in your own hometown, to see if they offer a similar class. What a great way to spend time with friends and explore your creativity (and celebrate your senses!) at the same time. 


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