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How to do the Skinner blend

Judith Skinner originated this method for making a sheet of polymer clay with seamless color blend gradations.
Photo A

1] Roll equal portions of each color separately through the #1 setting of the pasta machine. The sheets will be roughly square or rectangular.

2] Fold the sheets in half diagonally (corner to corner).

3] Stack the sheets on top of one another lining up the folded edges. Trim the rough edges so that the two sheets become right-angle triangles (Photo A).

Photo B

4] Separate the triangles and abut the diagonal (folded edge) sides against one another to form a square or rectangle. In order to create a sheet that contains unblended values of both colors, offset the placement slightly so that the corners do not meet (Photo B).

5] Roll the composite sheet through the pasta machine at setting #1.

Photo C

6] Fold the composite sheet in half lengthwise so the same color sides meet (Photo C, left). Roll the sheet through the pasta machine, folded edge first.

7] Continue to fold the sheet in the same direction and roll it through the machine until there are smooth gradations with no lines (Photo C, right).

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