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Congratulations to all the 2017 BeadDreams finalists!

It’s time once again for BeadDreams, Bead&Button magazine’s annual contest and exhibit celebrating bead artistry. I’ve been working at Bead&Button since 2000, so I’ve been involved in every BeadDreams contest since the very beginning (though Bead&Button sponsored a similar contest by the name of Embellishment that pre-dated me by a few years). Every year the entries are amazing and inspiring and 2017 is no exception. Artists from around the world submitted their best work. After several rounds of jurying, the following are finalists in the 2017 BeadDreams competition. The accompanying photos show last year's category winners.

2016 BeadDreams
Svetlana Kossman
Crystal Jewelry
1st Place



Crystal Jewelry
Nadezda Gerber (Germany), Faithfulness Necklace
Anna Gromova (Russia), Morning Dew
Svetlana Kossman (USA), The last day of Pompeii
Sonia Lidozzi (Italy), Eve
Yulia Logvinova (Russia), Secret of the sea depths
Kaori Nakakohji (Japan), Gloria


2016 BeadDreams
Sarah Thompson
1st Place


Daryl Adams (USA), Draco Volanti, Galatea’s gift, and Carlotta’s Treasure (three separate pieces)
Stephanie Eddy (USA), Upon reflection
Kaska Firor (USA), Ursula
Cynthia Legate (USA), Patchwork Heart Set
Kimberly Newman (USA), Pharaoh’s Gold, Blossom (two separate pieces)
Maria Perdana (Indonesia), Sita, rise from ashes

Honeybee's Playground

2016 BeadDreams
Kris Schaible
Handmade Buttons or Beads
1st Place


Handmade Buttons or Beads
Vladislav Ivanov and Kremena Ivanova (Bulgaria), Magpies, Chameleon (two separate pieces)
Robert Jennik (USA), From the land of the tin man
Kris Schaible (USA), Margaret’s Garden

Whisper Wind

2016 BeadDreams
Tatiana Konstantinova
Seed Bead Jewelry
1st Place and Best in Show Runner Up

Seed Bead Jewelry
Ekaterina Badunova (USA), Doris, daughter of Oceanus
Ryoko Dowling (USA), Ryu in the sky
Annamaria Dudas (Malta), Morelia
Nadezda Gerber (Germany), Necklace under the Tuscan sun
Andrea Grzabka (USA), Tulum
Jelena Kasevska (Latvia), Dragon
Patricia McDermott (USA), Chinese dragon fish
Magali Palacio (Belgium), Golden spiral
Alex Roeder (USA), Blushing Blossoms
Betty Stephan (USA), Rhapsody


2016 BeadDreams
Kathy Bingaman
Polymer Clay
1st Place


Polymer Clay
Arathy Kunnanchath (USA), The Luxuriance
Barbara McGuire (USA), Seeing through now


2016 BeadDreams
Rodica Frunze
Metal Clay
1st Place


Metal Clay
Christi Anderson (USA), Rapunzel’s window
Jeri Kiel (USA), Mothra

The Winds of Winter

2016 BeadDreams
Tatiana Van Iten
Finished Jewelry
1st Place


Finished Jewelry
Maria Bitter (Germany), Greenery
Giuseppe Buraschi (Italy), Spring air
Anna Chernykh (Russia), Three friends in a chicken house
Galina Dietrih (Russia), A flock of cranes
Barbara Ellis (USA), Angles in the rose garden
Tatiana Fitzpatrick (USA), The beauty in the bees
Makiko Furukawa (Japan), Love and Peace
Hayk Hambardzumyan (Armenia), The mysterious waltz
Sue Horine (USA), I should have been a cowgirl
Diane Hyde (USA), Marching to my own tune
Amy Johnson (USA), Secret Garden
Svetlana Kossman (USA), Free element
Regina Krawets (Australia), Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Heidi Kummli (USA), She dances with wolves
Polina Kuzemchik (USA), Chiwara
Chia Hui Liu (Taiwan), Protector
Teresa London (USA), Cleopatra visits The Great Barrier Reef
Rukijat Magomedova (Russia), Princess Amira Necklace
Agija Rezcova (Latvia), Brooch – Scorpion
Sherry Serafini (USA), Sonny
Melissa Shippee (USA), The right hardware
Irina Slobodyanik (Ukraine), Magic frost necklace
Tatiana Van Iten (USA), Remember

Cherry Blossoms

2016 BeadDreams
Jill Tower
1st Place


Anna Chernykh (Russia), World for two
Katherine Firor Colque (USA), Empress Magii of the Rose
Ksusha Maevsky (Belarus), Song of ice and fire, Pomegranate magic (two separate pieces)
Kieu Pham Gray (USA), Sempiternity star

Swan Princess Headdress – Transformer

2016 BeadDreams
Olesya Bryutova
Objects and Accessories
1st Place and Best In Show

Objects and Accessories
Aishat Alimurzaeva (Sweden), Harmony of elements
Thomasin Alyxander (USA), Archaeopteryx Dreams
Julia Atkins (USA), Isadora waistcoat
Melanie Chouinard (USA), Blackbird in flight mask
Betty Cox (USA), Allies feast
Gay Dries (USA), Froggie’s paradise
Diane Hyde (USA), Room with a view
Carrie Johnson (USA), Starfish orb
Anita Kozinko (USA), Mandalas – A bead embroidered adult coloring book
Lathy Musselwhite (USA), Dragon egg
Tetiana Panina (USA), The Garden of Eden
Anna Perelman (USA), Treasure guardian
Linda Rettich (USA), My mom and me
Kimberly Roll (USA), Splendor in the sea grass
Svetlana Sapegina (Russia), Calla lily bridal bouquet & groom’s boutonniere
Sherry Serafini (USA), The Watcher
Ellen Solomons (USA), Walter’s package, Golden tassel (two separate pieces)


Don’t forget to vote for your favorite piece to receive the People’s Choice Award. The winner of this special honor will receive a $500 (US Dollar) gift certificate from sponsor Fire Mountain Gems and Beads. Visit our blog the week of May 1 for a link to photos and voting. 

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