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A fond farewell


Change is always constant. As much as I want things to stay the same, they never do. Learning to embrace change is a life skill I’m still in the midst of developing, and a BIG change is headed my way. I’m mostly super excited about this change, but it does have consequences, which makes me sad. 

My family and I are moving to Florida. Which means my time here at Kalmbach Publishing is coming to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two years working with the Bead&Button team and our wonderful readers and contributors. Being immersed in a community that I’m passionate about has been beyond rewarding. I’ve learned so much, and I regret having to leave such a wonderful work place.

I want to thank you Bead&Button readers for helping to make my time here so special. Without you, we wouldn’t be here. I know great things are in store for Bead&Button and impressive improvements are continually being introduced, not only in the magazine but also online with our new website Facet. It’s certainly an exciting time for the jewelry team at Kalmbach.

On the bright side, I’m getting to escape the frigid winters of Wisconsin. This was a photo taken the other night (below). Yes, it is cold here and getting colder by the day. Thursday’s forecast is a high of 2 degrees and a low of -7. YIKES! I’m not originally from WI, and these long winters have been a huge adjustment I’ve never embraced.


I mean why would I not be excited to go from snow to warm tropical breezes? 


Once things slow down and I get settled, you might start seeing activity in my Etsy store under my name Cassie Donlen. Hopefully, I will get to catch up with many of you at the Bead&Button Show next year!

I wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and hope that 2017 brings you much peace and happiness.



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