Lora Groszkiewicz, Editorial Assistant, Bead&Button magazine

I joined Bead&Button in November of 2000. My job started at 25 hours a week but quickly increased as the magazine and the Bead&Button Show grew. I like to think of myself as the hub of the office, taking care of all the phone calls and e-mails we receive. I also log in all of the article proposals and send out contracts.


My favorite part of the job is handling BeadDreams. Seeing photos of pieces created by artists from all over the world is one thing, but I am in total awe when I actually get to see and touch the pieces in person

My first time trying a craft was at the age of seven when my Grandma taught me to knit. Grandma couldn't read a pattern, so I learned to just follow along! After I got the hang of knitting, crochet came next, and then macrame (which I learned from books), and as a pre-teen I would sometimes trade babysitting services for sewing lessons. In my free time, I love to travel to either Las Vegas or Mexico with my handsome husband.

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